Friday, August 5, 2011

Clean space and new stuff!

What is it about a clean, organized space that makes you want to buy more stuff to fill it (i.e., mess it up again)? Is it just me? After my cleaning spree the other day, I was left with a much more hospitable workspace:
I felt inspired to create a journal page right then and there! But did I? Noooo....I went out and shopped instead! I hit my favorite "mom and pop" art store first, Visual Art Supply. I really like this store. First off, it's independent and locally owned, and what's not to love about that? It's rather small, and of course you aren't going to have the kind of selection you'll find at Dick Blicks, but the prices are fantastic and there's a good assortment of the basics. I picked up two Sharpies (a Super Sharpie and a chisel tip, both black), a Pitt big brush pen (also black) and a Niji waterbrush with a small brush tip.

That probably should've satisfied my new art supply craving, especially since I'm still doing Moira's 30 Day Craft Cleanse and I'm supposed to be CUTTING DOWN on unnecessary art store shopping. But no....once the husband got home from work, I roped him into taking a family trip over to Artist & Craftsman Supply. I was so excited to find that San Diego has one of these. I used to shop at A&C in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina and for some reason I thought it was a local store..It really has that local vibe- cool and unusual stuff, knowledgeable staff, decent prices. But it actually turns out that there are 17 of them across the US! Who knew?

I have such fond memories of wandering the aisles of the Charleston store as an art journal newbie, entranced by all of the different supplies and what I could possibly do with them. What's funny is that 7 years later, I still feel that way when I'm in an art store! I'm inspired even by things I don't buy, crafts I don't pursue. It's just amazing to see what's out there and imagine the possibilities.

I tried to be frugal (yeah, right!) but I had my share of my mom's Las Vegas winnings in my bag, and I left with all of this loot:
And I'm excited about all of it...look at those watercolor crayons! Look at those big FAT brush markers! Look at the gel pens! The husband has duty today, which means I have the house to myself all day and night, until tomorrow morning sometime. It's going to be an art journal night!


  1. your room is looking good. ha-ha about your art purchases! make sure you show us what cool things you create with them. will you, pretty please?

  2. I love art shops, stationery shops, paper get the idea! Looking forward to seeing what you make, I am enjoying a creative few days...or weeks...while we're off work and relaxing at home too, but I'm trying to be good about buying more supplies - desperately needing to restock since I moved and didn't bring much with me, but trying to do it in stages so I still have money for food!!