Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Mess!

So my parents have left. I dropped them off at the airport so early this morning (3:30am!) that it felt like it was still last night, and they should be well on their way back to South Carolina. It is always rough saying goodbye, knowing that I won't see them again for 7 or 8 months, but there's also a sense of life going back to normal and returning to all of our own routines.

The first item on my agenda for the day is doing something fun for my son. He's always upset the day that Nana and Grandaddy leave, so we're going to hit the bookstore so he can pick out a few books. Then we're going to look for the Rio movie that comes out today. We've seen it twice in the theater and now he simply must own it!

But second on my agenda is cleaning this up:
Yes, beneath all of that chaos, there is an art table. And I'm a little embarrassed that it looks like THIS the first time I share it on my blog. I'm looking over there and seeing all manner of things that don't belong taking up precious space on my art table- the suntan lotion from our last visit to the pool, a pretty glass box that my Dad and I found on a Goodwill treasure hunt, an empty coffee can that Mom thought I might be able to use for art stuff (hey...she's probably right!), empty storage containers that didn't work out for me, new storage containers that I hope WILL work out for me, my tool box turned around backwards because Mom has been using it to prop up her mirror when she puts her makeup on in the morning, my glue book in the wrong place because someone used it as a fly swatter, plus an assortment of journals (none of which are my current journal in progress, which somehow made its way upstairs).

So...yeah. That's my art table at its worst. I tend to enjoy a little messy chaos, but this is a little much even for me. I need lots of table space, which is why I chose a 6 foot table to begin with. I need to be able to spread out or I can't think clearly. And when I can't think clearly, I can't journal. And believe me, I need to journal. I've missed it.

So fun for my son first. Art table cleanup second. I'm looking forward to it!

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