Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thoughts for my next journal

Nothing fancy here, just getting down some of my thoughts and plans for the next journal. This is the last "spread" in my current journal, as I used a few pages to test my watercolors. One of my goals for next book is to play around with watercolors more. I've always loved acrylics best, but I want to branch out a little. Some of my favorite pens in the world won't work with watercolor; I anticipate playing with them a good bit!

Speaking of playing around, I experimented with some iridescent acrylics on this page. Not sure if it shows up in the photo. I really like that little bit of sparkle that is there, but not incredibly obvious unless you tilt the page.

So all that's left in my journal are the first and last pages...the two hardest ones, IMO!


  1. I followed you here from Blissfully_Art_Journaling. OMG!! You have so inspired me!! You seem to AJ in a way similar to mine, only more so. I am going to give myself permission to be more free, from today on!!
    I also love your blog's name, because Ananda is my eldest daughter's name. It never pops up!!
    Good luck finding a new journal. I am headed to Borders tomorrow to get a few of my favorite, if I can find them.

  2. Thank YOU for the encouragement! There's something about blogging that makes you feel like..."No one's listening! What's the point?", so it's nice to hear when someone has enjoyed my pages or posts.

    I actually have been trying to convince DH that if we have another child, Ananda is the perfect name. So far, he's not going for it. I love it! (obviously!)