Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finishing up my watercolor crayons project!

Final set of pages for my Neocolor II's challenge. I still plan on using them; in fact, I want more! I'm so glad I decided to dig in and really get to know what I can do with these. I can see them being a part of my main stash, for sure. I'm thinking they'll be awesome for traveling, too. Take my crayons and a waterbrush, and there are so many possibilities. I'm headed to Las Vegas with my parents and my son next weekend, and I will definitely be packing some Neocolor IIs!

I started off with an acrylic background in a dark blue. Then I did some journaling using the Neocolor II's. I thought it would be fun to take a wet brush and lightly smear the writing, but it just ended up looking like a dirty chalkboard. More yellow than any other color. So I went back over the writing again, making it bolder. You can still see the chalky smears in the background...oh well. Not a lot of collage/layers here, but that's okay, too. I had fun with the joss paper on the right side. It had this silvery rectangle in the middle, which made me think of a mirror, and I did more writing on top of it. Normally I paint over joss paper and incorporate it into the background but this time I just let it be. It liked writing over that silvery surface; it took plain old ballpoint ink very well, and the ink showed up more vibrant than I would've guessed.

I am not skilled at creative hand-lettering. My attempts are a little messy and pretty awkward. But I really like adding that to my pages b/c it makes the page more ME than if I'd used something like letter stamps (which I also love!) or letter stickers. And I figure the more I do it, the better I'll get.

And I'm off for a day of cleaning out the garage, pricing things for a garage sale, and taking stuff to Goodwill...which is what I did all day yesterday as well. But I have about a bunch of  DVRed episodes of NCIS that will be my reward tonight...looking forward to plopping down the coffee table and journaling tonight!

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