Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Embracing pink

Sharing an older page today, since I'm busy with my folks in town and didn't get to journal yesterday. This page is a favorite of mine, partl because I love this poem from Rilke's Book of Hours and partly because I distinctly remember having a blast when I was working on this page.

I'm only now beginning to enjoy pink. I never was a pink girl; I was a lover of all things red. I thought pink was too girly, too typical, too frivolous. Oddly enough, I was very much a girly girl when I was kid, but my aesthetic these days definitely leans more towards the messy and the grungy. I like yellows and oranges best, followed by greens and blues. A touch of red here and there. Occasionally coral. And one of my absolute FAVORITE things is gold. I know, I know...most everyone seems to prefer silver, platinum, or white gold. But I just love yellow gold, both in my journals and for jewelry!

But lately I've been drawn towards pinks and purples, more than I've ever been. I'm especially enjoying fuschia, florescent pinks, and deep violets. I think it's always a good thing to branch out, to try colors and techniques and images that are not necessarily my favorites. It's good to always be stretching and embracing new things.

So even though I haven't had any "real" journal time in the last few days, I have been prepping some pages for this weekend. We're going to Las Vegas this weekend to meet up with some family. We're having a big dinner at Circus Circus and then the adults are (naturally) going to hit the casinos. My dad and I will be taking my son around, doing fun kid things at Circus Circus. Not sure what yet, as the last time I was in Vegas I was a child myself! But I'm hoping to get in a little journal time at the hotel. The kiddo goes to bed around 9pm, and so the evenings will by MY time to journal!

I'm normally not a page prepper. I prefer to begin a page in the morning, adding little bits and pieces to the page in between doing loads of laundry, cooking dinner, etc. Then I finish up the page in the evenings after my son goes to bed, usually while sitting at my coffee table and watching TV. But since I won't have the benefit of my full stash while we're in Vegas, I'm prepping 3 or four sets of background pages, doing a little collage, maybe a little stamping. I want to leave plenty of room for ephemera and some experimentation with limited supplies. It'll be interesting to see how it works out. I so rarely journal outside of my home. It's seriously been YEARS since any journal left my house!

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  1. arika, you most certainly can tell a good story.